Synonyms for architecture in Free Thesaurus. English Bulgarian French Italian German Spanish Swedish ARCHITECT architect архитект (arhitekt) ARCHITECTE architecte ARCHITETTO architetto ARCHITEKT Architekt ARQUITECTO arquitecto arkitekt DESIGN design дизайн (dizain) DESIGN design PROGETTO progetto DESIGN Design DISEÑO diseño design MATERIAL material материал … Top synonyms for architectural style (other words for architectural style) are style of architecture, architectonic style and architecture. Find more ways to say architect, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Brainstorm architecture firm name ideas. As local environments evolve over time, so too does vernacular architecture. Just like we admire historical constructions, architecture plays an important role for future generations to witness our cultural achievements. Adjectives to describe architecture What adjectives can you use to describe buildings/ architecture? Fenestration: It’s a blanket terms for the design, construction, and presence of any openings in a building.Think windows, doors, vents, wall panels, skylights, curtain walls or louvers. Second, do some research and make a list of architecture company names. Vernacular architecture responds to local methods of building construction, local climates, and local living needs and traditions. All you need is to think about the words that can be used as a … Architecture is all around us. Architectural Style synonyms. Words and phrases such as “tumbling,” “held captive” and “dancing” lend the architecture dynamic, human-like qualities, encapsulating the drama of a building full of … The architecture industry has been seeing increasing trends with biomimicry and modular design forms features lots of glass. List of church architecture terms.The terms used in church architecture were developed first for the Gothic architecture cathedrals of the mediaeval era. In other words, use your specialization in your architecture company name. The process of planning, designing, and constructing is an artform within itself. 10 key words for architecture 1. From the words spun by literary artists, we will create opportunities to enrich our eyes on the space in which people live. The terms, with variations, are used for all kinds of Christian churches.. Horizontal layout. The creative manipulation encompasses our … Demand in low impact design with environmental surroundings and support of plant life in urban communities is on the rise. Brainstorm a list and then compare with the list below. From more than 20 architectural models in the housing design process, sketches, drawings and videos At the same time as experiencing the age of living, we will approach the physicality of the process of creating space. So, make sure your business type. Antonyms for architecture. Finial: It’s the decorative ornament found on top of a building’s roof, spire, gable or canopy.It’s a common addition in Gothic architecture, where the fleur-de-lys is often used as the ornamentation. Another word for architect. Architecture created from mostly local materials, by and for the use of local people. Nave, where the congregation sits.. Aisles round the edges.