This is all splitting hairs, of course, and any perceived difference in meaning is negligible. She didn't know what he was, and she had a feeling he'd welcomed her into a world that belonged solely to him. Thus, solely under the influence of social and economic conditions, various risings of the peasants had taken place during the latter part of the 15th century, the first one being in 1461, and at times the insurgents had combined their forces with those of the lower classes in the towns, men whose condition was hardly more satisfactory than their own. She was solely to blame for the quarrel. However, it is possible to keep this solely for its beautiful foliage by removing the flower buds as they appear. The days when supermarket booze was solely purchased to restock the drinks cupboard at home have long gone. His sole appeal was to the spinal column. These are apprehended solely by the mind, which may, however, be led to them by an inductive process. But their position as a nobility or privileged class arose solely because a class with inferior rights to their own grew up around them. Definition of Sole. xvii. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Series" in Example Sentences Page 1. The present article deals solely with wine derived from the grape (see Vine) . Both plants multiply solely by means of zoospores. That he learnt anything, and that he grew up an amiable and magnanimous man, were solely due to his natural worth, for no one ever owed less to education or to family example. It is evident that if our experiments are solely directed to the verification of this law, they should, if possible; be carried out in a hermetically closed vessel, the vessel and its contents being weighed before and after the chemical change. The journal was not solely in the Hegelian interest; and more than once, when Hegel attempted to domineer over the other editors, he was met by vehement and vigorous opposition. Once assume that every character and property of a particular thing is determined solely by the tension in it of a current of Pneuma, and (since that which causes currents in the thing cannot be absolutely the same with the thing itself) Pneuma, though present in all things, must be asserted to vary indefinitely in quantity and intensity. The principles of construction, the use of stone and cement are the same as in the "elliptical" kraal; there is no definite plan, the shape and arrangement of the enclosures being determined solely by the natural features of the ground. It remained, then, virtually true, as it had been for two thousand years, that for all that we could learn of the history of the Old Orient in pre-classical days, we must go solely to the pages of the Bible and to a few classical authors, notably Herodotus and Diodorus. 3. Machine made wall tile is handled solely by machinery from start to finish. She pleaded with him not to leave. 5) now solely used in torpedo boats and torpedo boat destroyers was introduced. (16) It had been my doing, solely mine. We each did our own thing and the machines were solely his responsibility. The sole criterion which is considered for the position is education. In 1905 the community won a suit brought against it for its dissolution on the ground that, having been incorporated solely as a benevolent and religious body, it was illegally carrying on a general business. Membership in the church depends solely upon being enrolled as a member of one of these meetings for Christian fellowship, and thus placing oneself under pastoral oversight. My sole aim is for your future welfare! Sentences Mobile. A physicist, however, does more than merely quantitatively determine specific properties of matter; he endeavours to establish mathematical laws which co-ordinate his observations, and in many cases the equations expressing such laws contain functions or terms which pertain solely to the chemical composition of matter. They need to be able to irrigate without relying solely on rain. is the sole ultimate good, and pain the sole evil; that no pleasure is to be rejected except for its painful consequences, and no pain to be chosen except as a means to greater pleasure; that the stringency of all laws and customs depends solely on the legal and social penalties attached to their violation; that, in short, all virtuous conduct and all speculative activity are empty and useless, except as contributing to the pleasantness of the agent's life. When we are familiar with the treatment of quantities by equations, we may ignore the units and deal solely with numbers; and (ii.) This was the fault of their leaders solely, for, except for the last attack, local superiority was in each case attainable. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Solely but also gives extensive definition in English language. And knits aren't reserved solely for sweaters any more. - Any errors… 67. H. Douglas Brown has noted that few if any people achieve fluency in a foreign language solely within the confines of the classroom. They use solely in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for solely. The film director received sole credit for the work despite the editor’s role. Jevons arrived quite early in his career at the doctrines that constituted his most characteristic and original contributions to economics and logic. Eat organic yoghurt bought solelybecause it is made by a woman called Rachel. adjudicated solely in the applicable court in the United Kingdom. We don't need people with previous experience because we want them to learn and use our system. He refused the new position, was deprived of his chair, and henceforth depended solely upon his pen. His merits as an author are often judged solely by his Constitutional History. Applicants should be reviewed solely on the basis of their creditworthiness, and not on their race, gender, or other factors that are not directly related to their ability to repay a debt. But it is not solely his. sharptoothed 2266982 I have a callus on the sole of my foot. It is Christ who is supreme, not angels, for He is the agent in creation; and it is solely on the basis of faith in Him, a faith expressing itself in love, that redemption is appropriated, and not on the basis of any further requirements such as ascetic practices and the worship of angels (i. Pinto and some of the Jesuit biographers, who have pilloried Ataide as actuated solely by malice and self-interest. If reselling your home is not a concern, then you have the flexibility to create a very personalized bathroom by selecting tile designs based solely on your personal taste. _undertoad 1754741 He's the sole breadwinner for the family. sole. Probably nowhere in the world is there so large a population per square mile depending solely on the produce of the soil. As the word implies, secularism is based solely on considerations of practical morality with a view to the physical, social and moral improvement of society. She did not write solely for money. will be used only for. (16) It had been my doing, solely mine. You are offline. See more. Trade is carried on chiefly through Saigon in Cochin-China, Kampot, the only port of Cambodia, being accessible solely to coasting vessels. Adv. The sole aim of the program is to help the poor. Sole in a sentence. He goes on to show that the variations of prices are due solely to money and commodities in circulation. : The 1844 Bank Charter Act tied the issue of notes to the gold reserves and gave the Bank sole rights with regard to the issue of banknotes. Since many of the kings are supposition based solely on the bible, it piles supposition based solely on the bible, it piles supposition on top of supposition. The trial, expected to bring a verdict this week, has a sole defendant. He placed himself outside the theatre of French influence, and occupied himself solely with the task of giving to the papal monarchy that character of universality and political superiority which had made the greatness of an Alexander III. The third clause required him, in all cases of preferment, to be guided not " principally," as heretofore, but " solely " by merit,, thus striking at the very root of aristocratic privilege. 81° 123° 112° 83° 42° - II° - 29° The replacement of one negative group by another is accompanied by a change in the boiling-point, which is independent of the compound in which the substitution is effected, and solely conditioned by the nature of the replaced and replacing groups. threadworm infection can be treated solely by meticulous attention to hygiene for 6 weeks. glutamate antagonists act solely post-synaptically. it was the sole consolation they had. You can use sole proprietorship in a sentence in various ways. 5. 6. Now its time to hit the cosmetics sections of department stores near your home, or stores that specialize solely in cosmetics (think MAC). D. He left when she shouted at him. . Two types of pyritic smelting may be distinguished: one, in which the operation is solely sustained by the combustion of the sulphur in the ores, without the assistance of fuel or a hot blast; the other in which the operation is accelerated by fuel, or a hot blast, or both. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Entirely" in Example Sentences Page 1. His sole failing is that he cannot resist a joke. Comment suggested that I use the word in the sense that is mentioned first when defined but this varies between sources. use "sole" in a sentence Meadow Walker is the actor's only child and sole heir to his estate. His rank was based solely on merit. misjudgeus solely on the mechanism which fits the desired outcome risks seriously misjudging the issue. 32, Rather, the authority of law rested solely on the fact that it was promulgated by the authorized ruler. This is of course a physical assumption whose propriety is justified solely by experience. They are blocking the truth solely for selfish reasons and they will suffer remorse when they pass over. In 1890 a feeling of considerable irritation had grown up among the Uitlanders at the various monopolies, but particularly at the dynamite monopoly, which pressed solely and with peculiar severity upon gold miners. So the first Hothouse in October will concentrate solely on rom com scripts. While polysymmetry is solely conditioned by the manner in which the mimetic twin is built up from the single crystals, there being no change in the scalar properties, and the vector properties being calculable from the nature of the twinning, in the case of polymorphism entirely different structures present themselves, both scalar and vector properties being altered; and, in the present state of our knowledge, it is impossible to foretell the characters of a polymorphous modification. His own voice was the sole reply. Use "sole" in a sentence. But there was no domestic product nor manufacture; the kingdom depended solely upon the now precarious transit dues, and administration was in the hands of a major domus also called khakan. humanitynly there must be freedom to frame the law as a humanities discipline and not solely as a branch of social science. carnassial teeth are used solely for slicing or shearing. It will be clear from the narrative here given that the Caporetto disaster was not due solely to the cause which was at first generally accepted as the explanation of a defeat so sudden and so overwhelming. They are a large bird with a white underside and large talons, living solely on fish. At this time the Czechs were trying to gain a foothold in frontier lands which had hitherto been considered solely German. Sole definition, being the only one; only: the sole living relative. This last name indicates the general character of Ithacan history (if history it can be called) in modern and indeed in ancient times; for the fame of the island is almost solely due to its position in the Homeric story of Odysseus. in a sentence. The following remarks apply solely to Abyssinia proper and its inhabitants. The next genus is represented solely by the Tasmanian devil, Sarcophilus (or Diabolus) ursinus, a medium-sized animal with a dental formula similar to that of the dasyures, but with teeth (fig. How is spinning to a roomful of people in an ecstatic trance induced solely by your music like a spiritual experience? When gathering information, it is best not to rely solely upon one website for your information. solely. Sentence Examples. Sole; Soling; Soled; Soles; 1. Always research and interview any childcare situation yourself; do not rely solely on word of mouth. These bodies have separated solely on matters of Church government and not on points of doctrine. All our qualified, veteran translators that work solely into their native languages. I am not prepared to accept hospital confinement solely on the basis of being under 38 weeks ' gestation. Many garden plants have originated solely by selection; and much has been done to improve our breeds of vegetables, flowers and fruit by systematic selection. The Hungarian Government could claim the right to take independent economic measures for her own territory in war-time; a joint arrangement was only possible for the territories of the Dual Monarchy - which were united for tariff purposes - by agreements between the Austrian and Hungarian Governments; and since neither Government was exclusively concerned to carry out an adjustment of economic conditions solely in accordance with what was necessary for waging war and holding out with the supplies at their disposal, but each had also to champion the interests of one half of the monarchy against the other, the negotiations between the two Governments were often attended with the greatest difficulties, and constantly ended unsatisfactorily. 2, Scholarships are given solely on the basis of financial need. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR SOLELY We are at work not on the truth of passages, but solely on their meaning. Only twenty-seven islands of the group are inhabited, but in the case of some of them the population consists solely of a few lighthouse attendants, shepherds and keepers. At the start of the century such demands would have been judged proper solely to the closeted capacities of millwrights and turners. By the compact of Zborow (Aug 21, 1649) Chmielnicki was recognized as hetman of the Zaporozhians, whose registered number was now raised from 6000 to 40,000; a general amnesty was also granted, and it was agreed that all official dignities in the Orthodox palatinates of Lithuania should henceforth be held solely by the Orthodox gentry. I was miffed that I was the sole person burdened with straightening out this mess. The more important secretaries of state, however, are political officials, who are practically almost solely responsible for their department; they sit in the Bundesrat, and defend their policy in the Reichstag, and they often have a seat in the Prussian ministry. Her life with Shipton was solely based on what she told Ryland and he conveyed to us. All clocks are constructed on the basis of this method of measurement; that is to say, on the plan of counting the repetitions of some operation, adopted solely on the ground of its being capable of continual repetition with a certain degree of accuracy, and possibly also of automatic compensation for changing conditions. Our aim is no longer, as it should be, to avoid or attack the enemy, but solely to avoid General Buxhowden who by right of seniority should be our chief. 78. Others, such as Beauchamp and Childress, justify paternalism not through consent but solely by beneficence. The Romans are clearly indicated in the law as subjects, but as not yet forming part of the army, which consists solely of the antrustions, i.e. (open, save, copy) Protective of his sole treasure, he had never entrusted anyone else with guarding it. His own voice was the sole reply. Progress in scientific discovery is made mainly, if not solely, by the employment of hypothesis, and for that no code of rules can be laid down such as Bacon had devised. (8) "There is a view of the cost of 'my time', particularly with sole traders. Its sole province is to examine and report. His father, Nathaniel, though a barber, was a man of some education, for Jeremy was "solely grounded in grammar and mathematics" by him. 50. 1. exact 59. similar 8. related RELATED will be used strictly for. That the tower survived the 19thC restoration appears to have been due solely to cost implications. (4) But he was solely bent on comforting her now. See More. The Lophiodontidae, which date from the Eocene, come very close to Hyracotherium in the horse-line; and it is solely on the authority of American palaeontologists that the division of these early forms into equoids and tapiroids is attempted. Merriam-Webster defines "solely" as: 1) "to the exclusion of all else" 2) "without another : SINGLY" Oxford Dictionary defines it as: "not involving anyone or anything else; only." CK 1 3024014 That's entirely up to Tom. Even grammatical and lexicographical works, intended solely to facilitate the study of ancient literature, contain many extracts or short sentences bearing on law and custom. Where tariff duties are imposed solely for revenue, an equivalent excise tax is imposed within the country, so as to put the domestic producer precisely on the footing of his foreign G. It had been the design of Madison, and of other firm supporters of the new constitution, to adopt in 1789 a very simple measure, designed solely to secure revenue. A considerable percentage of these arrivals and departures represents seasonal labourers, who come out from Europe solely for the Argentine wheat harvest and should not be classed as immigrants. All Rights Reserved. As a result, certain varieties, such as blister steel, are called " steel " solely because they have the hardening power, and others, such as low-carbon steel, solely because they are free from slag. will be used primarily for. The sole re sult …. The situation was saved solely by the skill of his brother Lucien, then president of the Council. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples This saves both time and disappointment and allows you to focus solely on products within your price range. 5, p. Friedrich Von Schlegel once remarked that a priest is he who lives solely in the realm of the invisible. The latter function is performed solely by the Druse Scriptures. A toothbrush (used solely for this purpose, of course) is a great alternative to a regular exfoliating product, but brands like Aquafina and The Body Shop also offer versions that are suitable for scuffing off dead skin. He considers actions solely in respect of their pleasurable a nd painful consequences ex ected or actual; and he P q, P actual; school. Filter. quantal analysis to show that certain glutamate antagonists act solely post-synaptically. 50. They were recruited largely, but not solely, from among the Roman Catholics, and the Protestants among them were often identical with the NonJurors. Examples of Sole in a sentence As the sole heir to her parents’ fortune, the selfish woman felt lucky to be an only child. Examples of solely in a Sentence. It was solely through his efforts that Hungary did not accede to the league of Cambrai, was consistently friendly with Venice, and formed a family compact with the Habsburgs. There are many instances in American politics of nominations made solely on a war record which have led to hopeless defeat in election. 81. and onwards) there is a gradual change from prophecy to apocalyptic. " The subject of analytical geometry which he virtually created enabled him to view the conic sections as algebraic equations of the second degree, the form of the section depending solely on the coefficients. Did he think I was the tipster, solely because the public consensus appointed the psychic a female? But we do not have to rely solely on those. Recruiters are solely responsible for their postings on the Website. Solely is defined as something done for only one reason, or something done without others involved. The funds of the college, arising from lands and the fees of students, are managed solely by the provost and seven senior fellows, who form a board, to which and to the academic council the whole government of the university, both in its executive and its legislative branches, is committed. Dawson's view was that this was solely a mortuary chapel built at the beginning of the 18thC. Interest accrues solely on the unpaid balance and often interest expenses can be passed on to the client as a case-related expenditure. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. Tom came for the sole purpose of getting information. The final decision on all questions rest with the president, who is solely and personally responsible. 194. If theosophy were to be judged solely by the published revelations of this "Secret Doctrine" it would hardly be deserving of serious consideration; for, as suggested in the separate article on Madame Blavatsky, the revelations themselves appear to have been no more than a crude compilation of vague, contradictory and garbled extracts from various periodicals, books and translations. But Egmont depends for its interest almost solely on two characters, Egmont himself and Klarchen, Gretchen's counterpart; regarded as a drama, it demonstrates the futility of that defiance of convention and rules with which the Sturm and Drang set out. At first wheat was cultivated solely in the coastal country, but experience has shown that the staple cereal can be most successfully grown over almost any portion of the arable lands within the 20 to 40 in. Relying solely on his mortal senses, the Other unleashed a bolt of purple lightening. Sentence examples for will be used solely for from inspiring English sources. ecstatic trance induced solely by your music like a spiritual experience? If you choose a college for only one single reason- that it is a party school- this is an example of a time when you chose a college solely because it was a party school. Synonyms: only, completely, entirely, exclusively More Synonyms of solely COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. It is not solely focused on Visa an MasterCard. During the anarchy which accompanied Ottoman rule in Egypt from first to last, Alexandria sank to a small town of about 4000 inhabitants; and it owed its modern renascence solely to Mehemet Ali, who wanted a deep port and naval station for his viceregal domain. This can give you the freedom to make health care decisions based solely on your cat's needs and not your wallet. Cephalodiscus, which for many years was known solely as the result of a single dredging by the " Challenger " from 2 4 5 fathoms in the Straits of Magellan, has recently been found in entirely different parts of the world, as for instance between Japan and Korea at ioo fathoms, at about half that depth off the south-east coast of Celebes, and between tide-marks on the coast of Borneo. It was a struggle between the thoroughgoing humanistic reformer who drew his creed solely from the "word of God" and the merely semi-Protestant reformer who looked on the old creed as a priceless heritage. There are four engineering colleges in India, which furnish to natives access to the higher grades of the public works department; and the provincial education services are recruited solely in India. Sole definition: The sole thing or person of a particular type is the only one of that type. earlier centuries was chiefly in the middle and lower classes, but it was not solely there. In a short time, and without any pressure from the Government, but solely as a result of the favourable prices it offered, industrial conditions were completely transformed so as to meet the exigencies of the war. The object of the monopoly is solely for the good of the Greenlanders - to prevent spirits being sold to them, and the vice,. CM 18110 The soles of my shoes are worn. It is being built solely to power a smelter for American aluminum company Alcoa. The carriage itself had been lost long before; but we know that about the year 1600 Stevinus, with Prince Maurice of Orange and twenty-six others, made use of it on the seashore between Scheveningen and Petten, that it was propelled solely by the force of the wind, and that it acquired a speed which exceeded that of horses. It gave her a little bit of peace, knowing she wasn't solely at the mercy of the Immortal Laws and Fate. After a bogey at 15, she birdied the last for sole possession of the lead. ), the hydrated oxide of iron, made by precipitating ferric sulphate with ammonia, is used solely as an antidote in arsenical poisoning. Three more PCTs have wards solely in the two most deprived quartiles. He is the sole lessee and proprietor of that cupboard. Outer columns of upper molars similar, the hinder ones not flattened; ridges of lower molars oblique or directly transverse, a third ridge to the last molar in the earlier forms. See more. This is the highest order of asceticism, members of which are supposed to be solely engaged in meditating on the Brahma, and to be" equally indifferent to pleasure or pain, insensible of heat or cold, and incapable of satiety or want. The action of a magnet at a distance which is great compared with the length of the magnet depends solely upon its moment; so also does the action which the magnet experiences when placed in a uniform field. Even among the Israelites, the visitation of certain cult-centres prevailed from remote antiquity; but, when the restriction of Yahwehworship to Jerusalem had doomed the old shrines, the Jewish pilgrimages were directed solely to the sanctuary on Mt Moria. The old dramatists came to write for the lower classes only, and though the school lingered on, its productions were performed solely by travelling companies at country fairs. The numerous and complicated details which we sum up under the convenient, but often misleading, single name of caste, are solely dependent for their sanction on public opinion. These improvements were ignored or rejected by Johann Hevelius of Danzig, the author of the last important star-catalogue based solely upon naked-eye determinations. In analytical geometry the conic is represented by an algebraic equation of the second degree, and the species of conic is solely determined by means of certain relations between the coefficients. Another word for sole. Their ascription to Solomon is due solely to the copyists or translators, for no such claim is made in any of the psalms. They lingered on into the 18th century, but only as a name, for their business was solely to export English products which, as English manufactures grew, were wanted at home. only and not involving anyone or anything else: I bought it solely for that purpose. Sole sentence examples. The favourite kind of raki is shlivovitsa (the sliwowitz of Austria), extracted solely from plums. Spousal support is not dependent upon there being children in the family, as spousal support is solely designed to financially assist the member of the dissolving marriage who may not have the same earning power as the other member. Gravitation #1 and #2, produced solely by Rob Stow, ventured into the funky realms of Techno. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. molten sodium chloride. The wire was used solely for their own business. of the cell-wall (which is secreted by the living cell-body) the protoplasm dies, and a tissue in which this has occurred consists solely of the dead framework of cell-walls, enclosing in the cavities, originally occupied by the protoplasm, simply water or air. Tisserand in 1895.1 It involved the action of no third mass, but depended solely upon the progression of the line of apsides in a moderately elliptical orbit due to the spheroidal shape of the globes traversing it. pat., 30th April 1795) effected the greatest revolution in the oil industry, bringing a new, easily controlled and almost unlimited source of power into play; the limit of the power being solely reached by the limit of the strength of the material which the engineer is able to produce. Probate for goods and property held solely within an archdeaconry was granted at the archdeacon's court. In such cases the characters of the adult tissue clearly depend solely upon the characters of the cell-walls, and it is usual in plant-anatomy to speak of the wall with its enclosed cavity as the cell, and the contained protoplasm or other substances, if present, as cell-contents. He advises, Don’t buy a stock solely because the P/E ratio looks cheap. "It's not solely the concern of the bank" "I use semicolons solely on the basis of instinct" "A wage premium based solely on citizenship is grating" "This last section of the questionnaire relates solely to training" typologylogies based solely on pottery typologies, with all the built-in temporal assumptions, are not, by themselves, sufficient anymore. The worship of Odin seems to have prevailed chiefly, if not solely, in military circles, i.e. Doctors and lawyers are not driven solely by altruistic motives. His Origines, the work of his old age, was written with that thoroughly Roman conception of history which regarded actions and events solely as they affected the. For example, UK approval of genetically altered soya was based solely on safety data collected by Monsanto who produce the product.