12 other discussions. Season 1 Star Trek: Picard Critics Consensus. 92% Upvoted. Star Trek and time travel go together like Tribbles and quadrotriticale. save. In apprehension, how like a god!'" Like Picard and Patrick Stewart, Seven and Jeri Ryan are also re-entering the world of Star Trek at a time when both the franchise and the real world are much different than when fans last saw them. 14 He Knows How To Kick Ass, Too Sure, he can talk with the best of 'em, but sometimes talking just won't do, and in those times, Picard can take win a … A god, also known as a goddess, deity, or the Almighty was a being with principal religious significance. “Oh my God, Seven just woke up 10,000 Borg drones to wipe out the- oh, all the Romulans openned an air lock and they all got sucked out? The captain of the Enterprise-D was more than just a hero to me; he was a formative role model, and often even a parental stand-in. It was a beautiful episode about endings and beginnings and a fitting cap to an amazing series. I’ve also been reflecting on the profound effect Jean-Luc Picard has had on my life. As Star Trek: Picard rapidly approaches, I find myself giddy with anticipation for a show that seemed like a pipe dream just over a year ago. It also feels like a writing requirement was that every plot element had to connect somehow and as a result, you get an equal amount of good ideas and also ones that aren't so good. Jean-Luc Picard has been through some shit by the time we re-meet him in Star Trek: Picard. "Like you. We learn in Season Six’s “The Chase” that Galen became a father figure to young Jean-Luc, and wanted him to abandon Starfleet in order to become an archaeologist like himself. - Picard, at Barron's suggestion that he pose as God to the Mintakans "Do not kneel before me." Our hometown Picard fans sort out our questions, what we liked about season 1, and what we want from season 2 But when the words do come to Picard, they are like poetry. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The new CBS All Access series focusing on Jean-Luc Picard's post-retirement adventures picks up plot threads from a variety of sources. Captain Picard explains his "god-like" powers to a Bronze Age woman. Star Trek: Picard was one of the most-anticipated properties at San Diego Comic Con this year, with Sir Patrick Stewart himself taking the stage at Hall H to rapturous applause. Here are the Top 10 Picard Romances, Ranked. Picard first pops up in All Good Things wearing a gray bathrobe, babbling about bouncing back and forth through time. If he’d stayed with Picard in Part 1, there would certainly have been a bunch of decapitated synths (who don’t seem like the smartest bunch of humanoids) and Picard … Not much else is known about the Fenris Rangers right now, but Fenris is a wolf in Norse mythology, and the Picard show is focusing on the plight of the Romulans -- like those on Vashti -- … Picard's latest installment actually feels closer to an episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events than anything like Logan. "Not like me." Star Trek The Next Generation Season 1 Episode Where No One Has Gone Before "You do not wish it?" Troi replies, "You're the captain, you're entitled." - Picard and Nuria "Look at me… feel the warmth of my hand, the rhythm of my pulse. 3.0k comments. (Seriously, Picard is giving Count Olaf a run for his money in episode 5.) Of course, then, that on their various adventures all of the main crew has a romance or two. A multitude of gods have been developed by various cultures. Season 3 was loaded with great stories that allowed Picard to shine through as a true hero. Everything about felt like bad fan fiction. One such episode was the excellent "Who Watches The Watchers," in which an accident causes a Federation research team to inadvertently expose themselves to a primitive civilization.. Events spiral out of control when the aliens believe a God named "the Picard" is watching over them. Over the course of the show’s 10 episodes, we saw Capt. The first season of Star Trek: Picard has come and gone, and we finally got to see our favorite Starfleet captain in action again. I think I’ve probably just got 20 more years in me if it should go in that direction. This thread is archived. ... With Picard on its way, let's look back at his time on the Enterprise and how romantic this TNG captain got. Picard then says "I'm not entitled to ramble on about something everyone knows." Alex Kurtzman spoke with CNET about The Borg in Star Trek: Picard:. share. I'm flesh and blood, like you." Picard is talking about how wonderful humanity is, then breaks off and says, "forgive me, this is becoming a speech." GD: And one of the great new things about the series is it brings Picard together with a totally different crew. Gods were often perceived to have power over aspects of natural or spiritual existence, and may be the subject of worship or prayer. Good god, what’s wrong with me? Return to comments. And so much wasted potential. While looking almost directly at the camera. Star Trek: Picard’s first season went in a weird, sad direction by the finale. Anchored by the incomparable Patrick Stewart, Picard departs from standard Starfleet protocol with a slower, serialized story, but like … He’s left Starfleet, retired to a life of making wine and mourning his regrets. Picard himself didn’t feel like Picard, it felt like Patrick Stewart using Picard’s name. The only treatment that you got in those days was somebody would yell at you, if you were in the army, to pull yourself together and act like a man. Really, saying that he’s your favorite just makes you feel good about yourself. He never has contempt for others, but he's also not very good at expressing his true feelings. I'm not a supreme being. Did you not like that Data got a heroic end? So when he came home, he was not a happy man. In apprehension, how like a god…’” When Q challenged him on this—“You don’t really see your species like that?”—Picard replied, “I see us one day becoming that, Q.” Picard’s new perspective on The Borg. Star Trek itself likes to remind fans of that. "I do not deserve it." It was all part of a test from the god-like Q to see if humanity could be better and Picard passed. It’s not difficult for me to understand why anyone would prefer Picard. In another scene, a Starfleet admiral tells Picard – the great, heroic captain Picard, a man whose voice is built like a beautiful cathedral – to “shut the fuck up”. 6.2k. At the end of the 24th Century, and 14 years after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) is living a quiet life on his vineyard, Chateau Picard. Leonard Nimoy got a sobering dose of fan adulation in 1967 when he turned up in ... said last year that “Trekkies are counting the sleeps until the premiere of Star Trek Picard”. Picard is a man who sees greatness in everyone and pushes himself and his peers to be better. Did you not like the door they left open for a ... LOL Maybe 10000 years if I live to 90 like Picard, I’d really get to see a lot!