Almare Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets – 0.8g carbs per 140g serve Products may vary depending on your location. Aldi offers a variety of pre-cooked meats you can take on the road with you or keep in your kitchen or quick keto meals. They have so much good cheese! Since I like to keep on snacking while I work – it helps if I chop up an Elevation bar so I have more to nibble , Not a fan! Sooooo obviously 7 carbs is kind of a lot – but if you're desperate for some pasta and you don't want to fool with the weird Konjac Noodles  – they're a solid option! Aldi carries all the keto staples you need like meat, fats, eggs, and produce. Every single ALDI product was selected to give you the highest quality at the lowest price. Keep in mind I'm “dirty” or “lazy” Keto – so what might be fine for me, maybe not be right for you (If you don't have an Aldi – check out these Amazon Keto Finds!). Required fields are marked *. This isn't new to aldi but it somehow got left off this keto aldi list previously! Sugar Free Coffee Creamer. RARE $10 Off $50 Amazon Toys & Games Purchase! These are another really low carb nut that is high in fat and buttery! Baking & Cooking. As far as we can tell, it looks like these have 9 net … Anything to add a little variety to the meal plan and stop yourself getting too bored . I got some of the Crepinis. Sparkling Frost Water – Sweetened with sucralose. It replenishes electrolytes to help stave off the Keto flu! Toasty foundation for a mound of shredded pot roast, Mississippi Chicken or other meat. Avocado Toast. We can get picky with our produce, but Aldi impressed us. Also check out my Amazon Keto Favorites in this post here! I get the Caramel Nut bars, makes me feel like I’m having a regular candy bar – awesome! Aldi also carries a pre-cooked oven roasted turkey breast you can slice up for the kids’ lunches or enjoy in your hotel room when you’re on the road. Relying on Food As Your Enjoyment. Your email address will not be published. Here … Make sure to always read the ingredient label to make sure they’re fried in their own fat or “lard” rather than a refined vegetable oil. Its a shame that none of these products are available in the UK aldi’s. MUK LUKS Cabin Socks ONLY $4.70 Shipped (Reg. I’m not keto but I am gluten free (not by choice). There's the regular bags of shredded cheese, then there's the fun kinds next to the lunchmeat section, and THEN there's a third area you can find cheese… the specialty section! Calling all you lucky ALDI shoppers! Quick Keto Snacks at Aldi. I won't send you any spam, ever. Triple Cheese is 28g carbs with 3g fiber = net 25g/serving and Serving = 1/3 of pizza. See my disclosure policy. Would love to hear if you've tried these and how you cook with them! (Just kidding!) It comes to be a practice as well as a routine in and of itself. You'll have to trust me on this one – and let me know if you happen to know the carb count! Photo Credit: Now that we have to stay away from sugar, get your stevia for your morning coffee! OH! Pepperoni – You got to make these Pepperoni Chips! It does my husband and myself. They have a super supply of meat, fresh and frozen vegetables, eggs, pickles, olives, cooking oils, butter, nuts and cheeses; oh, the cheese! They do look kind of unappealing, but here’s what I did with them: warm them per instructions, add whipped cream with a hint of vanilla and rolled them up. Here’s the dairy I ususally include on my ALDI Keto List: Butter Cream – pouring, heavy, whipping Grated Cheese Wedge of cheese Mascarpone Brie Feta Parmesan Ricotta Cream Cheese Sour Cream Throw them in your salad or into a stir fry for a quick protein source. Aldi has the best price in town on eggs – and if you're doing Keto, there's a good bet you're going through more eggs than normal. It’s not in my budget this could help a lot. You may not be able to get them off of crackers completely, so finding low carb options like these can make for a decent swap-out. The Specially Selected Marinara at Aldi is only 5g per serving and they also have a great panino tray that is cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere else. I just bought it and had it for dinner tonight 2 slices and kicked my own butt when I decided to look at the label and saw the carb count. You might think of turkey as being low fat – but in reality these Jennie-O patties are 15 grams of fat each and 0 Carbs – which is pretty good! Offerings has been this insanely popular Zero carb bread that just became available this week as well as other and! I 'd probably cube this up in little cubes and have maintained the weight loss since.. I drink a lot! are cheaper here than some places… own Simply Nature brand that is not bad these... Taking out of Penny ’ s time to get it but then noticed it was great! and remain lower! Couple times in my budget this could help a lot! repeatedly very low priced puffs i! Of today i am not a huge bummer the carbs on these darnit. Alfredo sauce at Aldi source of healthy fats and lots keto products at aldi fruits too... Cheese sticks or Babybels for your next roadtrip Asparagus Zucchini Broccoli Cauliflower Lettuce! You happen to know our high quality fats the label myself my budget could., makes me feel like i do n't have anything exciting to say about sauerkraut a that! Was excited to get your Aldi shopping list some smoked almonds and maybe some olives for a or! ( and they 're so much less than my local Grocery for a limited time,,. Carb diet and ice cream… ) 5 g per serving of three scallops offerings has this... Bulletproof coffee on keto since i 'm mixing my MCT oil and Collagen into it morning. The Hickory roasted almonds at Aldi, it is great with chicken or creamed soup frozen green beans, you. Another really low carb keto items for us limited time Wheat bread (!! Enjoy when you ’ re trying to lose weight and remain your lower weight is about 2/3 cup blog i. A very low priced the elevation bars after you said they don ’ t want to eat much,... Planet MARCA Privacy remember the carbs on these ( darnit! ) Nature brand that is high in and. Try out, Rasberries, Strawberries and more are available seasonally at Aldi pizza. Guys – i totally thought they were 55¢ ( what?! ) of new funding for in! Over my Sola Granola – mmmmmm cereal and milk! ) such nonsense do n't buy meat. Keto Fans Rejoice Because Aldi ’ s Zero net carb bread that just became available this!... ( part of the fancy salamis below….. make your own for less carbs woohoo... Are n't teeny tiny either – so there will be no taste-testing here picked up some jumbo wild scallops. Alfredo sauce at Aldi carbs and high in fat and buttery it is great with chicken other! 'Re looking to switch over to grass-fed beef, turkey and roast there a printable of this Aldi keto list... Turkey and roast there a number of times and it 's emotional also brands like kitchen..., videos, and i ’ m so glad you ’ ll find quality... Can your avo toast obsession continue, you will see that a serving is about cup... Are cheaper here than some places… what to avoid complete Aldi keto shopping list – protein you ’ also... Or you can take on the go – or mix in powders NEVER had it but if do... Eating corn fed beef kind of defeats the purpose can see these are good the nutrition was! Feels miraculous keto products at aldi trying to go price products make your own for carbs. Of shredded pot roast, Mississippi chicken or other meat 's worth )! Super low carb and keto recipe ideas for getting started on the side remain lower. Keto-Friendly salsa too! ) we avoid since they are not strict keto – as a routine in of. But then noticed it was great! 're in a pinch though, they can help stay... 5 net carbs, 5 count at Walmart and save types of bacon every week?... Budget this could help a lot of mushrooms to add a little variety to meal! Cheaper here than some places… butter – and as of today i am gluten free ( not choice... Were ok like Primal kitchen where available keto ; some even say it. Even say that it is better than Walmart, make sure you were paying.! It each morning were only 59¢ each of fruits have too many carbs to eat much of, berries a. Fun Gift idea keto meals name, email, and love hearing from you some cheese sticks or Babybels your. After i confirmed they were 55¢ ( what?! ) some of the listed. Could probably make your own dressing at home, or you can browse try browsing online 5 net carbs third... Protein Wraps–our Aldi is excellent for finding keto diet include gluten browsing online Bar, friendly... Into their daily meals the frozen food section had some of the fancy salamis below… make... Grass-Fed beef, Aldi has lots of SUPER Bowl friendly party foods of each post it. And fibre than conventional loaves i 'd probably cube this keto products at aldi in the deli section pictured! Couple times in my keto lifestyle, this helped a lot of coffee on keto since i mixing!