When you use technology to reach out to your love interest, it shows that you care. Things seemed to be going great. Examples of things of yours that you can give to her include your favorite book, one of your t-shirts that is sprayed with your cologne, or the body wash that you use. Married isnt a big deal, i think she’s not into you. Please i really need help about my relationship. and it settled my love in a really big chalenge for my mind which i never went trough before. We both sat down and talked for 2 and a half hours over the fact that she’s losing feelings for me. If she did I know in my heart we would we would talk less. However, she told me that her past relationships were not so pleasant and she is trying to get to the bottom of why they didn’t go down as planned. She keeps asking me if it’s ok and I keep saying it is but I really miss her and alot has happened to me the past few weeks that she hasn’t even realized or asked about. How do you respond? This id dur to the fact that we stay miles alart from eachother. I was hoping that would help, but the “action” problem still remains. This is the first year I haven’t been with her during school and she said that me not being with her all the time has shown her that she doesn’t “need me”. I just wanted to know that how i can make her more attracted to myself like never before. I’m YOUR MAN. She looked so beautiful. We have our son and are trying to figure out a plan together. If she thinks that you do not care about her, then it will be hard for her to miss you. And its not like shes the only one working, I also have a job but every chance i get to check up on her_I take it! I ended up deleting her on my social media, and I feel good about moving on, but I can’t help but feel that I might have overreacted. It’s been a while since we actually got intimate. At around 1150hrs, I tried to call her and I was shocked she was bjsy talking on phone. Maybe if she gets divorced again, her family may finally accept you. That was a perfect start of their love story. Hi Tony, it is weird when someone says i miss you too, how i look at that, it's just a comeback. Sometimes she says she does not want my kind of person. I stayed with her for around 6 months sometime back in 2016 and during that moment she used to keep off ladies who would call me at night or text me. If you make her feel special every day, then she will always be waiting for your next move that will make her feel like a queen. I met this pretty young lady on social media. Wants to stop the back and forth! Fast forward, about a month later, we both got our careers going for us.. She ended up going out with her friends and got super drunk, and was calling my phone. We got together after a couple of days because this girl really loved me and wanted to forgive me and things started going well. i have a girlfriend and we have been together for about 3.9 years till now and we used to spend time together day and night giving each other the love we deserve together…..but things changed last year September when i was accused of cheating, she was told by one of my friends who has issues with me but when i tried to prove to her that i am not cheating she refused to listen and she wanted to break up with me because of that. They say you don’t know what you have till it’s gone, well I agree. I’m always the one that apologizes. Or there is some sort of relationship conflict that’s too overwhelming or frustrating. woooow i really lent a lot form this and i have problems with my girlfriend i hope this is really gonnna help us. She may like you, or she is at least willing to get to know you more. We were online friends for 6 months, and after that became really good friends which evolved into something more. If she really loves you, she will start missing you and wondering where you are and what you’re doing. knw her since childhood, she was my sisterz best friend in primary school. Try to go and find something that you can do alone so you can also remain in touch with yourself. That way you are not using words to lie, probably a smiley face or blushing emoji. Just try to get along and move on, forget about what happened. Loyal to whom? I went over to her place last weekend and she just wowed me. I am not the type of person who needs to go to expensive restaurants. While it is good to spend a lot of time together, you also do not want to rush things way too fast. Later that night she told me she had fun and also told her friends about me. We won’t know for sure, but that is a possibility. She might want to spend all of her time with you too. But due to her Christian belief she has always asked me to leave her house that we are not married yet. She probably wants to hear that you've been thinking about her. Why is it that I always have to ask my gf multiple and multiple times to do something before she does it? She was always flirting with me and people told me that they saw a real connection between us. Regards. Everything we talked about that I had been contributing negatively I’ve been consistently working on daily, but I’m not sure what to do when she’s very closed off and I want her to talk, but I also don’t want to push her away more by bombarding her. What should I do? You’ve always loved her more than me ! He had a crush on his junior HR executive but of course too shy to express anything. I gave him some ideas he could do while we were away from each other.