Corn Estate: Haunted House of Horrors

on Sunday, 03 November 2013. Posted in Features, Local News

Amy Dunaief

Corn Estate: Haunted House of Horrors

This past weekend, many were greeted with the warning of Indiana Bones as they entered the depths of the “Corn Estate”.

The archaeologist, a hit to Indiana Jones fans, had uncovered the remains of the Corn family play room, awakening their spirits. 

This event was family friendly, open for all adults and children. Grumpy teenaged boys walked out muttering about how bored they were while children walked out delighted and thrilled. I walked out shaking. It is best to avoid dragging me and my flailing limbs into a haunted house, for future reference. 

Inside the Corn Estate, spooky figures of clowns, corpses, and masked men jumped out behind every corner, brought to life by many students from the Cornwall schools. Familiar faces stayed in character, frightening even the most skeptical critics, and myself.

The House of Horrors ended with a reception hosted by the fire house, featuring apple cider and other halloween themed snacks, available also for anyone afraid to enter the house to await their frightened friends. 

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